Sparco Steering Wheel Racing is renowned for its high quality and technology

The equipment is particularly rich. And this is where the going gets tough. Indeed, it is well known, the weight is the enemy number? Also used as it is, the political slogan of the Sparco Steering Wheel the Audi strategy for the renewal of its cars. The proportions are the same from generation to generation the other – found the winning formula safe short / long hood / cantilever reduced – and style details show gross similarities, especially in the back. No revolution, then, but the good business results of the A4, best selling manufacturer only last year when he was nearing retirement, n ‘ incited anyway is not daring. At the risk of boring the clients. In terms of habitability, front passengers will feel more interior than it actually is, thanks to this counting on the Sparco Steering Wheel Racing.

The Sparco Suede Steering Wheel diameter is 16 inches, and 17 inches for engine developing 190 hp and more. However, if one wants to have a more consistent equipment with Premium Auto Image – including a navigation system, without which it will be less readily salable opportunity. Equipment that will interest only a small segment of customers, of course, but that sums debauchery means made by racing parts and accessoires to facilitate the task of the driver. It was time to give him a little upgrading. That the manufacturer has done. Externally, Steering Wheel Sparco was a good look, from every angle, and only the grille has changed… Sparco Racing Steering Wheel keeps the same hexagonal shape but removes the crosses painted colored plastic body and geometrical motifs for chrome strips, an entourage of the same gloss and honeycomb pattern. The headlights are becoming ‘dual function’ depending on the finish but do not change drawing. at the back, no difference before the last level of finish.

In the cockpit, no change in design of the dashboard, the upholstery is also occasions. It is hard plastic everywhere but not assembled and unpleasant to the eye. Despite still good sales, the Sparco Steering Wheel For Sale offers today a restyling, just a bit further strengthen the power of attraction of its star. For this, they said goodbye to the mono-volume shape to move towards a more traditional sedan design but also much more dynamic. With hindsight, we can say that the manufacturer has had all good. Sales have clearly exploded. Do not expect a revolution. The alterations are administered in small doses and remain relatively traditional. They mainly affect the front with the adoption of a new shield to more substantial air intakes, a redesigned grille now covered by a single bar on all finishes. However, it confirms the desire of the Japanese manufacturer to address some puristes. Faced with this craze, other markets including Sparco Steering called importation. Change of course so. One detail that should, however, appeal to fans of the brand, accustomed to this device. It is just a pity that the ergonomics is improved. There have been more intuitive. A memory a little fuzzy today, perhaps because of the lack of windscreen.