Takata Harness can give you the best protection and the quality is superb

Navigation inherits the latest software and that’s it. The dashboard remains unchanged pleased with presentation? Takata Harness well-equipped motorsport parts is offered at a competitive price over its rivals rare ? Unless we boldly pushes the accelerator, in which case you are entitled to vacuum cleaner noise winded inherent in power bypass system which ensures a continuously variable transmission controlled electronically. Braking is convincing enough and feel of natural pedal dosage despite a delicate strand slight slowdown, but the transition from the recovery phase and that of conventional hydraulic braking is almost imperceptible. Takata Racing Harness features like other power steering Electricalpue to the accuracy convenable.The driver can also customize the screen by choosing the information they would like to see appear? Be like the charge level of the battery and the fuel saved. To encourage more efficient driving and improve the driving range, short-term fuel savings are represented by a green plant.

Especially we like very many storage on board should certainly seduce the family. The OMP Racing Harness, he suffers no lack. Despite the presence of a third belt, do not intend to install a human being equipped with legs and arms in place of the middle of the back seat because of the prominence of the central tunnel and a limited width. The dashboard is logically the same as the three doors, which certainly gives an ergonomic largely after passing aesthetics, but also a significant originality. The center console’s screen shown here surrounded by a circle of OMP Harness, mixing jukebox and scales to the old. L’habitacle is obviously remodeled but still remains the classic in the lines with advanced austerity in the tradition of the brand. One more regret one bit low installation of central touch screen and the lack of beautiful Active Information Display, but is reserved exclusively to the highest finishing level. We meet here counters all that is most classique.

We note the design of the shield that integrate front and rear active Sabelt Racing Harness, a statement spoiler, exhaust pots reminiscent of a racing car, and especially this beautiful carved cover. All these elements have a function: to manage airflow and provide exemplary behavior on the road. In the end, there is only a single point of extravagance: the painted stripes on the body. If you do not like them, know that it is an option! From my side, I find absolutely seductive self, a real thunderbolt. Just installed on board a sweet smell alcantara emerges: the outgoing self just the concession. The mixture of the composite fabric, and aluminum atoms reflects the sporty claimed by the car. The assembly is very good. We must recognize Sabelt Seat Belts? Be that Ferrari has made enormous efforts in recent years in this regard, even for its sportier models. With one touch on the latter, the instrumentation becomes red and the car in sport mode setting with a more pronounced sound in the cabin. All without affecting comfort. It is firm but very livable in everyday life, which will appeal especially to the young at heart. Motorsport parts mentioned above changes the management direction and makes more consistent and direct.